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Accommodation, Subsistence and Transport


Accommodation is available in many different forms, from caravans to shared rooms in self-catering holiday cottages and will depend on the number of participants. However, all necessary amenities like hot shower, washing machines etc., will be provided. Expect having to share a twin or double with colleagues of same sex.


Ingredients for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner will be provided, though you will have to organise your own cooking in your accommodation within the group staying in the same building / sharing a kitchen. Please remember to fix up your own packed lunch every day, as well as anything you need for the breaks we take on site (usually, we take 3 breaks: a morning tea break from c. 11-11.20, a lunch break from c. 1-1.30, and an afternoon tea break from c. 3-3.20). We will go on shopping trips to the next superstore about twice every week, but cannot guarantee that we can take everyone along each time, so be prepared to write a shopping list if you want anything in particular. If you have special dietary requirements, please make sure that you let staff know before they go shopping, so that we can take your special requirements into account when we go shopping.  If you want any snacks, special beverages (like energy drinks for the morning or alcoholic beverages for the evenings) or other ‚private‘ goodies, you will have to pay for these yourself—the dig provides basic subsistence, not luxuries.

On-site non-heated beverages (water or fruit juice) will be provided in sufficient quantity, though if you want to bring tea or coffee in a thermos flask, you will need to prepare this yourself in the morning (tea and coffee making facilities and ingredients are available, but you will need to bring your own flask).

Please note that there is a strict no alcohol- and no drugs-policy on the dig for health and safety reasons. If you are found to be intoxicated or under the influence of any substances in the morning or at any time on site, you will be banned from the site until you are no longer under the influence of whatever you took. The same applies for any journeys undertaken in the context of the excavation.


Local transport to and from site is provided. Also included is a pickup- and drop-off service from Bangor/Gwynedd or Pwllheli railway station on the arrival and departure days if required and arranged in advance. If you need pickup and/or drop off at either of these locations, please email us at least 1 week in advance with precise arrival / departure times. When booking transport to pickup/dropoff points, please consider that the driving time from site to Bangor railway station is c. 1.5 hours. Thus, we strongly recommend the following arrival and departure time windows for the following pickup/dropoff points:

Bangor/Gwynedd railway station:

Arrival: no later than 8.30 pm
Departure: no earlier than 9.30 am

Pwllheli railway station:

Arrival and departure can be any time a service operates.

If you need to leave during the dig for the odd day, we may be able to offer transport to and pickup from Pwllheli or Bangor/Gwynedd railway station, though we cannot guarantee this. However, there is a good local bus service, and we can certainly drop you off/collect you from Aberdaron Bus stop if required.

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