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The Meillionydd Field School 2017

Archaeology opportunities in the land of the Celts

The Meillionydd excavations project, run by Professor Raimund Karl, Dr Kate Waddington and Katharina Möller MA, is coming up to its 8th season during the summer of 2017. During the up and coming season, an exciting opportunity has arisen to offer a field school at the excavation site offering a variety of archaeological skills to people with varying degrees of experience. The excavation site is set in the beautiful landscape of the Llŷn peninsula in the furthest extremity of north-west Wales and is open to everyone interested, whether British, European or further abroad.

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The Meillionydd field school will run for 8 weeks during the summer of 2017 starting on 5 June and running until 28 July. The excavation itself is carried out by Bangor University, therefore, aside from staff, students from all undergraduate and Master levels will be present along with volunteers from the local area to lend advice and guidance during your stay. Due to the onsite expertise in all form of archaeological techniques, various schooling in different processes will be offered, from excavation, drawing and planning to survey skills such as working with the highly technical GPS rover and total station.

In addition to this, other options are available such as pre-excavation techniques i.e. what makes a site eligible for excavation? What desktop based work is needed prior to excavation? And of course: Why excavate? Also, dependant on the excavations needs schooling in environmental sampling and wet-sieving may be available. This process is vital to identifying miniscule remains within soil samples that the excavator cannot see during excavation, along with the collection of charcoal for carbon dating. Therefore, as a trainee archaeologist coming to Meillionydd you can experience the whole process of how an excavation starts, is conducted and lastly what happens after the excavation itself.

To read further on the training of individual aspects of archaeological processes offered please click here.

On site we have all the basic facilities needed for the day to day running of an archaeological site including toilets, shelter and office space. All information on what you will need to bring to site while also what is offered in regards to lunch to paying participants along with our onsite facilities is situated here.

Accommodation is available to fee-paying participants in many different forms, from caravans to shared rooms in self-catering holiday cottages and will depend on the number of participants. Furthermore, ingredients for meals will be provided (self-catering!) and we also offer transfers to/from Bangor Train Station. Further accommodation and travel information is provided here.

If you have any further questions, please contact:

Prof. Raimund Karl,
School of History and Archaeology
Bangor University
College Road
Bangor, Gwynedd, LL57 2DG
Tel.: +44 (0)1248 382247

To view our prices and apply for the field school please click here

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