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Why not learn some Welsh during your stay?

These are a useful list of words that might be used on site or in the evening

Hello. (informal
S'mae? (S-my?)

Good morning. 
Bore da. (BOR-eh dah)

Good afternoon. 
Prynhawn da. (PRINhaun dah)

Good evening. 
Noswaith dda. (NOSS-why-th thah)

Good night. 
Nos da. (NOHS dah)

Os gwelwch yn dda. (Os GWEL-ich in thah)

Thank you [very much]. 
Diolch [yn fawr]. (DEE-ol'ch [un vowr])

You're welcome. 
Croeso. (CROY-so)

Ie (ee-yeah)

Na (Nah)

Excuse me. (getting attention
Esgusodwch fi. (es-gis-OD-oo'ch vee)

Excuse me. (begging pardon
Esgusodwch fi. (es-gis-OD-oo'ch vee)

I'm sorry. 
Mae'n ddrwg gen i. (My uhn th'roog gen ee)

Goodbye (Formal
Da bo chi. (Da BO ch'ee)

Goodbye (Informal
Hwyl! (hooill)


dim (dim)
1 un (een)
2 dau (die)
3 tri (tree)
4 pedwar (PED-war)
5 pump (pimp)
6 chwech (ch'way'ch)
7saith (sayeth)
8 wyth (oo-ith)
9 naw (now)
10 deg (day-g)

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